Show #396 – The Wild Standard

Mike and AJ take a look at the upcoming changes for Hearthstone. In the Special Zone, AJ explores the Division while Mike checks out the final round of DLC characters in Super Smash Bros.

Show #394 – Hollywoodland

As we learn what attractions are leaving Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Mike and AJ talk about fond memories of the Streets of America, Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Playset Adventure, and more! AJ is finally getting into the Witcher 3, and Mike and AJ are boldly going through time and space in Star Trek: Timelines.

Show #392 – The Rest of 2015

Mike and AJ share their top 5 movies of 2015, talk about some other favorite pieces of media, react to the Oculus Rift price, and discover Making a Murdere.

Show #390 – Star Wars Awakens

STAR WARS! We have a few minutes of no spoilers, but then we launch full Force into everything we thought about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Don’t worry, we’ll make it very clear as to when the spoilers start. But seriously, go see this movie.OuOur

Show #388 – 25 Years of SNES

Mike and AJ look back at arguably the greatest console in gaming history, the Super Nintendo. Join us as we look back at the 25 year history of the system and some of its greatest games.