Show #360 – $team Mod$

Mike and AJ discuss Steam’s new mod marketplace, wonder what could have been in the originally proposed Jedi system for Star Wars Galaxies, and take a quick look at what coming to Destiny.

Show #358 – Twin Terror

Mike and AJ are back after AJ’s paternity leave. While away, we played a few games. Mike managed to finish Bloodborne. AJ delved in to Pillars of Eternity, Neverwinter, and the surprisingly fun DomiNations.

Show #357 – The Ori Story

Mike and AJ have played Ori and the Blind Forest, and it is fantastic! We also have the sad news of Uncharted 4’s delay, NPD numbers, and a quick look at Mario Party 10 of all things.

Show #356 – Virtual Insanity

Mike and AJ take a look at some of the biggest new coming out of the Game Developers Conference. Everyone else from Gamesbeat got to go except Mike. Probably because he’s still raiding in World of Warcraft.

Show #355 – Saucer? I Barely Know Her!

Mike and AJ dip their toes into the Golden Saucer found within Final Fantasy XIV. AJ also gets swept up in Homeworld: Remastered and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Mike has been following the Kickstarters for Crowfall and Toejam and Earl.