More Mario Haiku

I’m a bit confused.
Super Mario World
was on an island?

Remember Geno,
From Mario RPG?
I miss him. He’s cool.

Jeez, captured again?
Peach should be locked in a cage.
A nice, cozy cage.

A bumble bee suit.
What could possibly be next?
Do bees live in space?

Leave Sunshine alone.
It’s not as bad as you say.
You all are stupid.

After Mario
The Wii will be still, silent.
Three months until Smash.

I just realized;
Where’s my collectible coin?
An injustice served.

I went to Gamestop.
There I met my great sadness.
The kiosk was dark.

The stars abundant.
Get a hundred and twenty
Play as Luigi.

A plant of fire.
White and red look oh so good.
Retro in style.

– Mike