Show #112 – Too Easy

We’re here a little late as Mike recovers from illness, but we’ve got a fun little show for you. If you like it when we argue, you’ll love our discussions on Dragon Age: Origins and Madden NFL Arcade. We also have a Let’s Go Topical and a rather embarrassing Great American Ajguy gaming quiz to bring us into the merry holiday season.

The Exploding Barrel Podcast Show #112

Show #111 – It’s So Old, It’s New

The Super Minotti Brothers tackle New Super Mario Brothers Wii in this week’s episode. Ajguy also gives his impressions of the Square Enix / Popcap mash up, Gyromancer. Mike’s Let’s Go Topical takes us into the dark recesses of the PSPgo, motion controllers, and the future.

The Exploding Barrel Podcast Show #111

Show #110 – No Rushin’

Mike’s a little under the weather, so we’ve got a slightly abreviated show for you this week. We still have the October NPDs and Ajguy has played through a little game you may have heard of called Modern Warfare 2. Join in on the fun and controversy!

The Exploding Barrel Podcast Show #110

Show #109 – Joe and Mac Ride Again

Mark “Beige” Whiting joins us for perhaps the most epic Either Or ever. We also get a good look at Bioware’s newest RPG, Dragon Age. Beige weighs in on his experience with Demon’s Souls. Also, Child’s Play 2009 has kicked off. Head over to their site and support a good cause.

The Exploding Barrel Podcast Show #109