Show #200 – That’s a Big Number!

It’s hard to believe it, but we’ve reached 200 episodes. And to celebreate, Mike and AJ have convinced the third Minotti brother, Chris, to join the show! We talk about all the TGS fun, get a look at Resistance 3, and discuss the place of handheld gaming systems in today’s modern age.

This week’s Let’s Go Topical 2.0 question relates to the PS Vita. Is the 3-5 hours of battery life on the system a big deal?

2 thoughts on “Show #200 – That’s a Big Number!”

  1. Yes and no, I hate to be a stickler but if I’m playing a portable system I don’t want a cable tethering me to the wall.

    In practice if the battery light comes on with my DS I’m more prone to plugging it in and going to do something else. It also really sucks when you are somewhere you cant plug in (car/plane/outside ;-)).

    Its also especially vexing as those battery life estimates probably are on the lowest brightness settings and with wifi/3g turned off. Real world usage may lead to a battery life of around 2 hours.

  2. It is a big deal. That is the lifespan of your Vita experience on one charge. Whether that means playing a game, watching videos or visiting websites like People can and will adapt accoring to their lifestyle. Play it on the bus, charge it overnight. Play it on the can, leave it plugged in. Play it as Shockmaster, dont fall when making your debut. Congrats on episode 200 gentlemen. I look foward to many more.

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