Show #206 – Off the (Un)Charts

Guess what we got early? Yup, Mike and AJ got their hands on Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. And guess what else? It’s pretty damn good. We also get some final impressions on Batman: Arkham City, a look at some Nintendo news, and question if the Wii has reached its end.

In fact, for this week’s Let’s Go Topical 2.0, we’d like to ask you if you think there is any single game you can foresee yourself buying anymore Wii games after Zelda: Skyward Sword.

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Show #205 – Back to the City

Mike and AJ are Batman! And in a year we’re gonna be Pandas. In Pandaria. In the Mists of Pandaria, the recently announced World of Warcraft expansion out of this year’s BlizzCon. We also look at the new Sonic Generations demo and the reveal of the Vita’s release date.

For this week’s Let’s Go Topical 2.0, we want to know if you think 2013 is a good time to expect new consoles. Too soon? Too late? Or are you the third little bear? (That’s a Goldilocks  joke)

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Show #204 – All the Castles

Mike and AJ are here to bring you the current status of Final Fantasy XIV. We also recall one of the earliest MMOs, Castle Infinity. As a game that holds a special place in our hearts, we were reminded of it again when taking a look at the free to play browser MMO, Glitch. AJ also gets his hands dirty with some Shadows of the Damned while Mike enjoys him some Professor Layton.

For this week’s Let’s Go Topical 2.0, we want to know what you think of the who Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 situation. Will you play it when it relaunches? Do you think they should start charging so soon? Let us know!

Show #203 – Unnecessary

Mike and AJ talk about the Mass Effect 3 co-op multiplayer mode that was announced. We also see the darkness that is Dark Souls. I also still think it’s really funny that Mike is talking about iPhone games.

We also want you to talk about Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer component. What do you think? Welcome addition or unnecessary waste of time and effort?

Show #202 – Drivers and Such

We waited a day so we could talk about the new iPhone 4S. Having done that, we also get to some controversial news stories, the Battlefield 3 beta, and Uncharted 3 multiplayer. There’s also a lot of shouting, but don’t worry. I figured out how to use the “limiter” plugin within Final Cut Pro X.

For this week’s Let’s Go Topical 2.0, we wonder what you think of online passes, such as the one that Sony is packing in to Uncharted 3 and all of its future games.