Show #233 – Error #8008

Mike and AJ are reunited at last. We’ve got Diablo 3. We’ve got the whole 30 Studios debacle. We’ve got a week to go before E3! And congrats if the title of this show made you giggle like and 8th grader with a calculator.

Show #231 – More Like Coldbar

Mike and AJ weigh in on the announcement of the Elder Scrolls Online. It once again leads to a discussion of the MMO industry. How long will companies continue to make hotbar based MMOs? I thought they would’ve stopped two years ago. AJ also gets analog on Mike with some Dominion. Listen to Mike try to comprehend what a deck building game is.

Show #230 – Battle Royale with Cheese

Mike and AJ just saw the Black Ops 2 trailer. That’s Call of Duty for those who don’t know. Now that I’m done optimizing our search results, we also discuss Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, the Walking Dead, some Wii U announcement announcements, and a look at SWTOR’s current subscriber base.