Show #240 – Steam Summer Sold

Mike and AJ are back after a hiatus (it’s Mike’s fault). But we’ve got the goods, as it were. There’s heady discussion about Valve, Linux, Fez, Mario, and the 3DS. Mike played the futuristic city builder Anno 2070 after picking it up during the Steam Summer Sale. Meanwhile, AJ has had his mind blown by Dyad.

Show #239 – In a World

Mike and AJ are joined by the always delightful Pete Davison this week. We take a look at the success of the Ouya Kickstarter, discuss the Penny Arcade Kickstarter, and Pete gives his impressions of Funcom’s new MMO, The Secret World, which is not a Kickstarter.

Show #238 – A HD Nights

See, the title is like the Beatles song A Hard Days Night. Get it? Eh, anyways, Mike and AJ are here to talk about Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (boy is that a pain to type), Quantum Conundrum, and a host of news and topics including the Ryan Perez madness.