Show #245 – Skysim

It’s been 5 years of the Exploding Barrel Podcast! And to celebrate, we’re introducing a new segment. Join us as we play the first 20 minutes of the original Time Splitters. We also get a good, in-depth look at the excellent Guild Wars 2, Rock Band Blitz, and the PSOne emulation on the Vita.

This week’s first ever music break is “Baby Mario and Papa Yoshi” by Brentalfloss. Check out more of his excellent work here.

Show #244 – Minotti Vs. Minotti

Mike and AJ have a good ol’ fashioned shout match about Valve’s documentary about DOTA 2 players. Plus we played New Super Mario Bros. 2, Team Fortress 2’s Mann vs. Machine update, Counter Strike: GO, and all sorts of fun things!

Show #243 – Kickstop

Mike and AJ get into one last discussion about the Penny Arcade Kickstarter. And if you’re a fan of Valve and/or Team Fortress, you’ve probably been having a pretty good week. Plus Sony did some exciting things at Gamescom vis-à-vis the Vita. Ah how I love auditory alliteration.

Show #242 – Sound Scapes

Mike and AJ have burned their dread with Persona 4 Arena. When not duking it out, they’ve been spending time in the PS3/Vita music platformed Sound Shapes. This week in Everyone Calm Down, we look at the happenings of Bioshock Infinite developer Irrational, the state of the Last Guardian, and the EA v. Zynga lawsuit.