Show #249 – FTL FTW

Mike and AJ play the first 20 minutes of the Resident Evil 6 demo in this week’s First 20. Can this game turn the typically sour Ajguy into a RE fan? We also get a quick look at World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Mists of Pandaria, an early glimpse of Pokemon Black and White 2, and AJ boldly goes into the newest indie darling, FTL.

Show #248 – It’s Actually Good?!

Mike and AJ are here with their Borderlands 2 impressions, some news from TGS, and a surprising First 20. Be sure to comment below with your suggestions for next week’s First 20!

This week’s music break is the Normandy Reborn from Mass Effect 2. Given all the turmoil at Bioware this week, I figured we’d send them a little love.

Show #247 – Wii U For U

Mike and AJ just saw the Nintendo Direct Wii U show… thing. We’ve got most of the details of the Wii U launch along with some nagging questions. Mike also got to play the new 3DS downloadable title Fractured Soul, and we’re still playing Guild Wars 2.

Show #246 – Grounded

Mike and AJ share their reactions to the unveiling of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. We also talk some more Guild Wars 2, see what awaits in the latest patch to World of Warcraft, and pontificate the promise of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

This week’s music break celebrates the original coolness of Metal Gear with the original theme from Metal Gear Solid composed by¬†TAPPY and Harry Gregson-Williams. Not some Russian guy.