Show #246 – Grounded

Mike and AJ share their reactions to the unveiling of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. We also talk some more Guild Wars 2, see what awaits in the latest patch to World of Warcraft, and pontificate the promise of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

This week’s music break celebrates the original coolness of Metal Gear with the original theme from Metal Gear Solid composed by TAPPY and Harry Gregson-Williams. Not some Russian guy.

4 thoughts on “Show #246 – Grounded”

  1. I love the new segment but I think it would be a million times better if we could watch you play. Would it be difficult to record game play while having commentary? I am wiling to help you guys set that up if need be. I think your listeners would appreciate the video to go with your comments.

  2. We’ve been getting that a lot. In order to do it the way I would want to (meaning, the right way) we’d still need some more equipment. For now, the best way to help out is to use any of our new affiliate codes. :)

    As always, thanks for listening and for the feedback.

  3. I don’t mind giving you money directly to purchase some equipment. If that helps, I have no idea what you need or what it cost.

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