Show #253 – Guess Again

Mike and AJ are here to look at the voice chat situation with the Wii U, talk about a great new iOS word game, Letterpress, and play another round of Guess Game. This time, the tables are turned as AJ challenges Mike to unscramble some classic video game titles.

Show #252 – The Bird’s the Word

Mike and AJ are here with a new segment, Guess Game! See if AJ can figure out Mike’s scrambled game titles. We also have talk of the Mega Man “celebration”, a quick look at Xcom: Enemy Unknown and Mark of the Ninja, and for this week’s First 20, we play Kirby’s Dreamland 3.

The music break this week is an orchestrated version of Fountain of Dreams from Super Smash Bros. Melee, which itself if rom the Kirby games. This CD is a recording of the Smashing Live concert in Japan.

Show #250 – A Long Jungle Run

Mike and AJ are celebrating our 250th show with our first video production! You asked for it, and now you’re getting it. The First 20 will not only be contained within the podcast, but shown on our YouTube Channel as well. This week, Mike plays the indie darling FTL while AJ provides some guidance. We also get a deeper insight into Mike’s time with Pokemon Black and White 2, and we say a (presumably temporary) farewell to Cliffy B.

This week’s music break comes from the Rayman: Origins soundtrack. This track also plays in the amazing Rayman Jungle Run, and it’s one of my favorites.