Show #274 – To Infinite and Beyond

Mike and AJ played Bioshock Infinite. Spoiler: we really like it. We also played and like Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. Battlefield 4, Metal Gear Solid V, Ducktales, and Square Enix round out the rest of the show.

Show #273 – Constructive Criticism

Mike and AJ talk about the latest press preview of The Elder Scrolls Online, rumors of the next Xbox, Richard Garriot’s harsh criticism of game designers, and the Wii U port of Deus EX: Human Revolution. Mike beat Tomb Raider, played HarmoKnight, and takes his first stab at Ridiculous Fishing after hearing AJ and others rant and rave about it.

Show #272 – Old Hat

Mike and AJ discuss the Vita’s Japanese price drop, the effect of ad blockers on gaming sites, tired franchises, and the Xi3 Piston PC thing. We’ve played Tomb Raider, Mike beat Ni No Kuni, and we’ve got some MMOs and hunted monsters.

Show #271 – Reformat

Mike and AJ present a slightly new format for EBP. The first segment is taking a more topic based approach. This week, we discuss Assassin’s Creed IV, SimCity’s always online launch woes, Respawn Entertainment, and the ever changing free to play landscape.