Show #284 – King of the Realm

Mike and AJ put aside the hardware to talk about some of their most anticipated games to come out of E3. We also got to play the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta this past weekend. Can some Phoenix Down bring this game back from the ashes, or should it have stayed dead Aeris style?

Show #283 – Xbox One Eighty

An hour before Mike and AJ planned to record, Microsfot completely reverses its always online policy for the Xbox One. How will this affect the system, the PS4, and gaming in general? Hopefully it doesn’t lead to an apocalyptic wasteland like the one in Last of Us.

Show #282 – E3 2013: The E3ing

Mike and AJ take a look at Microsoft’s, Sony’s, and Nintendo’s showings at E3. Did the Xbox One bring the games, or will Sony’s price and stance on DRM win out? Nintendo had Mega Man in Smash Bros., so that was something.