Show #406 – Zelda Annexed

Mike and AJ discuss the sudden announcements of a Nintendo NX release date and Zelda for Wii U additionally becoming Zelda for NX. We also check out the latest Hearthstone expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods, and try the Mirror’s Edge beta.

Show #404 – Adventure Is Out There

Mike and AJ celebrate the upcoming release of The Jungle Book by exploring the various incarnations of Adventureland at the Disney Parks. Mike shares his review of Bravely Second, the brothers check out the Battleborn open beta, and AJ got a bried glimpse of Fable Legends before it went away forever.

Show #403 – Couch Potatoes

Mike and AJ explore the evolution of local multiplayer across console generations. Now that Mike has joined the Glorious PC Master Race, the brother’s check out the new competitive mode in Overwatch. And Ajguy has been break time in Quatum Break.