In August of 2007, brothers Mike and AJ Minotti found themselves separated by 3,000 miles of land. Still, they continued playing games online and having frequent phone calls to discuss things going on in the gaming industry. As these phone calls began to reach an hour of air time, the brothers decided that they may as well record their shenanigans. Thus the Exploding Barrel Podcast was born.

Following in the footsteps of popular podcasts of the day such as 1UP Yours and GFW Radio, Mike and AJ decided to give an amateur, outsiders’ look at the industry. Over the years, the brothers have developed their own voice, giving an unfiltered commentary on everything and anything to do with gaming.

They found their own format with unique discussion segments that include Let’s Go Topical, Either Or, Role Play, and The Great American Ajguy Gaming Quiz. Each week, the community gets to participate in the Let’s Go Topical 2.0 segment of the show.

Occasionally the show features guests from various gaming communities such as the Squadron of Shame and Bitmob. They’ve since been able to provide coverage from various gaming events such as PAX East and E3.

4 years and 200+ episodes later, Mike and AJ continue to create one of the longest running gaming podcasts on the internet. The show is posted weekly, and all the latest episodes and community features can be found on this very website. So grab some headphones, answer our community Let’s Go Topical 2.0 question, and enjoy the Exploding Barrel Podcast.

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