Quick update

I beat Final Fantasy IV the other day, so I’ll be able to discuss it on the next podcast. I also started Final Fantasy V, so I may talk about that a bit as well.

What really excites me is that I was able to find a new copy of MegaMan Powered Up for the PSP the other day. I’ve been looking for this remake of the original MegaMan for ages, but it has eluded for almost a year. Now it is mine, and soon I will enjoy it’s robust level editor and destroy the two new robot master.

I’ve also been playing more of the Call of Duty 4 beta, which Ajguy wasn’t able to get into. He called me to cry about his lack of fortune, but I had to hang up on him. Shooting down those enemy helicopters requires concentration.

– Mike


As mentioned in this week’s show, one of the Virtual Console releases on the Wii is a Turbo Graphics 16 game called Neutopia. Based on the description of the game, we found it to sound suspiciously like a certain famous Nintendo IP that features a young elf dressed in green. According to the Neutopia Wikipedia article, we’re right.

– Ajguy

Show #1 – The Barrel Explodes

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Exploding Barrel Podcast. For this first episode, we discuss the latest happenings out of the Leipzig Games Convention, ask what is the best FPS ever, discuss the Call of Duty 4 multiplayer beta, and A.J.’s obsessions with Xbox 360 demos. Also check out a list of all the latest downloadable games (including what appears to be a pitch perfect Zelda knock-off on the TG16) and next week’s releases.

The Exploding Barrel Podcast Show #1