Oblivion Defeated

I just wanted to gloat a little. After however many months since the game’s release, I have finally completed the main quest of Oblivion. I have to say, it was one of the coolest endings I’ve ever seen in a game. So now that I’m done, I plan on playing around with some side quests and buying some of the smaller DLC until the retail release of Shivering Isle (with included Knights of the Nine) comes out in October. Anyone else have found memories of that game?

– Ajguy

Late Gametap Releases

I didn’t have this info yet at the time of recording the latest show, but Gametap did see some releases this week. Are you ready to be John Romero’s bitch all over again?

  • Daikatana (PC) – What was meant to be the most ambitious shooter of all time turned out to be a whole bunch of poorly executed features. Consider this one worth checking out purely for historical purposes.
  • Infernal (PC) – This third person action game wasn’t actually terrible judging by the demo I played a few months back. Heaven and hell are fighting again, and you’re in the middle of it.
  • Blast Miner (PC) – Some sort of indie puzzle title. I got nothing.
  • Morning’s Wrath (PC) – Another Gametap indie title. I guess this is some sort of Diablo clone.
  • Startopia (PC) – It’s like Simcity in space! A lot of people say that this game also seems like it could have been an inspiration for Viva Piñata. That would make it Viva Piñata in space!

Have fun, all you Gametappers. Incidentally, I’m Ajguy on Gametap as well, so feel free to drop me a line.

– Ajguy

Show #3 – It’sa Me! Mario!

This week we discuss a bunch of DLC, talk about the best Mario ever, and Mike finishes yet another Final Fantasy. Also, Ajguy is much better at Madden than Mike. Like, for real.

The Exploding Barrel Podcast Show #3

Show #2 – Samus Is Back, Mayhem Ensues

This week we discuss Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Ajguy finally gets into the CoD4 beta, while Mike beats yet another Final Fantasy. And finally, the debate of which Metroid game is the best can forever be laid to rest.

The Exploding Barrel Podcast Show #2

Call of Duty 4 is Amazing!

I got my token, downloaded the beta, and just played it til I reached level 11. To give you an idea of how awesome this game is, let me give you a brief rundown of the last round I played.

Team deathmatch, first to 750 (one kill is 10 points). Our team is down about 690 – 710. I just scored my fifth kill. Using the UAV I sent out, I notice that all the enemies on the map are congregating in one area. I rain down an airstrike on them. We are now up 730 – 710. I call in a helicopter, shoot a guy in the face, and as I’m lying of the floor injured and desperately firing with my pistol, the helicopter clips a guy for the win! One of the most exhilarating moments I’ve ever experienced in multiplayer gaming.

If you didn’t get in the beta, and they start taking people in via pre-orders, go pre-order the game! If my time with it tonight is any indication, this game is going to be awesome!

– Ajguy


As mentioned in this week’s show, one of the Virtual Console releases on the Wii is a Turbo Graphics 16 game called Neutopia. Based on the description of the game, we found it to sound suspiciously like a certain famous Nintendo IP that features a young elf dressed in green. According to the Neutopia Wikipedia article, we’re right.

– Ajguy

Show #1 – The Barrel Explodes

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Exploding Barrel Podcast. For this first episode, we discuss the latest happenings out of the Leipzig Games Convention, ask what is the best FPS ever, discuss the Call of Duty 4 multiplayer beta, and A.J.’s obsessions with Xbox 360 demos. Also check out a list of all the latest downloadable games (including what appears to be a pitch perfect Zelda knock-off on the TG16) and next week’s releases.

The Exploding Barrel Podcast Show #1