Lair Soundtrack

So tonight I just listened to preview tracks from the Lair Soundtrack available on iTunes. I’m rather amazed. For all the bad press this game got, its music is stunning. It’s composed by John Debney (veteran film composer who worked on The Passion of the Christ and one of my personal favorites, The Emporer’s New Groove). I still have Lair sitting in my Gamefly queue (apparently everyone wants to rent it, just not buy it), but I’m looking a bit more forward to its eventual arrival if not to hear how the music meshes with the game.

– Ajguy

Show #7 – The Sands of Time

This week, we talk about the long await Phantom Hourglass. Mike’s time with Mega Man Powered Up prompts a discussion of the best Mega Man ever! Plus Bungie’s leaving Microsoft, Rockstar has a bug up their ass, and David Hayter gives us some good news.

The Exploding Barrel Podcast Show #7

Show #6 – Fight Finshed

This week, we discuss hardware pricing rumors, the return of Samba de Amigo, and Ajguy learns that Phantom Hourglass comes out next week! To celebrate, we discuss which is the best Zelda ever. Oh, and we talk about Halo 3.

The Exploding Barrel Podcast Show #6

Halo 3 Came out Today, and I Beat It

Well, Tuesday, September 25 has just ended a little while ago. Many of you, like myself, probably spent some portion of the day playing Halo 3. And if you’re like me, 8 hours after you start the game, you may end up finishing the fight as it were. Yes, it was a bit shorter than expected, but it was a pretty good experience. The story wrapped up nicely (though there are still some confusing elements I didn’t quite follow). The gameplay is that same love it or hate it Halo gameplay from the first two, but it has been polished to a high sheen. The graphics are quite gorgeous, the sound excellent, and the presentation is spot on.

And to think I haven’t even dipped into multiplayer, or co-op, or the Forge. There’s still a lot more game in there beyond the single player, which may explain why I am not quite as upset that the single player offering only lasted me 8 hours.

So be sure to look for me online this week. I plan on getting in a good chunk of multiplayer and co-op before this week’s show so I can fully discuss the game. In the mean time, please share your impressions of the game.

– Ajguy

    Show #5 – Team Fortress 2 at Last!

    This week, Ajguy is enjoying the sweet, sweet candy that is Team Fortress 2. Mike gets his hands on Lair and Warhawk having bested yet another Final Fantasy. You like controllers? Well find out which one is the best ever.

    The Exploding Barrel Podcast Show #5

    All Hail Team Fortress 2!

    Now that I’ve put a few hours into the game, I shall discuss it a bit. Basically, this game is awesome. The classes are wonderfully balanced. At first, the lack of grenade was troubling, but I now realize that it forces support roles to actually act as support. No more conc jumping medics and grenade spamming.

    What’s remarkable is the subtle ways the game encourages teamwork on a smaller scale. The greatest example is the medic’s healing gun. If you heal enough people, you build up your ubercharge meter. When this is full, you can activate ten seconds of invulnerability between yourself and the person you’re healing. The sight of a shielded medic and heavy is a sight to behold.

    Every class is insanely fun to play. Even classes that were weak in TFC are not only viable, but downright important. Scouts gain a double jump in lieu of conc jumping, and pyros actually are a threat (especially in small spaces).

    I’ll have a lot more to say on this week’s podcast, so be sure to check it out.

    – Ajguy

    Show #4 – Remembering the Dreamcast

    This week we remember the Sega Dreamcast, Ajguy meets Castlevania head honcho Koji Igarashi, and Mike is chugging through Final Fantasy VI. Do you like news? We’ve got everything from studio closures to Rez on XBLA!

    The Exploding Barrel Podcast Show #4