Show #368 – Destiny’s Dark Night

Mike is back from E3 and AJ picks his brain. We get into some controversies regarding Destiny and the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. But since we got Batman on console, we’ve been playing it!

Show #367 – E3 2015

Mike is actually in LA for E3 this year, but thanks to clever editing, you’ll hear his thoughts from throughout the week on the back half of this show. Before that, AJ gives you a look at the big three, and discusses his highlights of what may be one of the best E3s ever!

Show #366 – PrE3

Mike and AJ are geared up for E3 next week! We take a last look of some pr-E3 announcements and leaks including Mirror’s Edge, Destiny DLC, Hearthstone’s Tavern Brawl, and another Sonic Boom game.

Show #360 – $team Mod$

Mike and AJ discuss Steam’s new mod marketplace, wonder what could have been in the originally proposed Jedi system for Star Wars Galaxies, and take a quick look at what coming to Destiny.