Every so often we have a running theme of sorts for a series of shows. Here’s where you can find the shows discussed in the previous sentence.

Mike’s Adventures in Final Fantasy

Show #1Show #20

When the podcast started in August of 2007, Mike had already begun a personal quest to beat every numbered Final Fantasy game (with the exception of the MMO, Final Fantasy XI). He had already beaten XII , I, II, and III in that order. Each week, he reported on each game and the ways in which the series evolved. Fun fact: When Mike finished Final Fantasy X (the last game of his quest), Mike and AJ celebrated with a bottle of Champagne.


Games of Years Past

Show #71Show #93

Starting in 1986 and working our way up to the then current year (2009), Mike and AJ created exhaustive lists of the top games to come out each year that week. We also asked our Twitter followers to chime in with their favorite games of the era. Each week we picked a different year, creating a fantastic snapshot of the state of gaming since the NES.